The Bright Stars mentoring programme, run by Motherwell, teams younger women up with experienced mums who gently build up their trust and confidence to encourage the women to have faith in themselves.

The project recruits women over 50 who have valuable life skills with younger mums who may have mental health issues or are experiencing mental health or relationship breakdowns.

So far, the lives of more than 450 mums have been transformed.

The programme has received a £9,652 grant, a share of £44,000 funding awarded from the Tampon Tax Community Fund to help women and girls experiencing issues such as period poverty, domestic and sexual abuse and mental health problems.

UK Community Foundations, one of the UK’s largest grant-makers, was asked by government to distribute the largest share of the funding raised through the levy on sanitary products through its network of community foundations.

A total of £6.9 million has been awarded nationally to grassroots groups in two rounds of funding.

Zoe Sheppard, chief executive officer of Cheshire Community Foundation, said: “This funding supports the groups on the ground that are making a huge difference to the lives of women and girls. We know there is huge demand out there for these services and are proud to help small organisations working in our community to access vital public funding which otherwise they may miss out on.”

The Motherwell grant will help fund a volunteering and training coordinator who will recruit, train and develop the mentoring programme in Winsford and Crewe.

A pilot project proved a success in helping to support the mental health of two groups of women.