We are incredibly grateful to our all supporters, who are committed to working with us to make a difference locally.

If you’d like to consider how you or your organisation can use your skills and connections to help change the lives of vulnerable people, we’d love to talk to you!

You can support Cheshire Community Foundation (CCF) in a number of different ways.


Become a Volunteer Grant Assessor – help to monitor and record the impact of CCF funded projects in Cheshire.

Become a Volunteer Administrator – donate half a day a week (or whatever works for you) to update charity records and help a small core team to remain as effective as possible.

Become a Volunteer Charity Liaison Officer – meet the charities supported by our donors and gather inspiring stories, photos, quotes, videos and examples of life changing projects in Cheshire.

Become a Charity Connector – work with us to find new charities/projects which can help us address our priority needs and respond to the charitable objectives of some of our donor funds.

If you are interested in volunteering for Cheshire Community Foundation, please contact Carole on

Tel: 01606 330607 Email: carole@cheshirecommunityfoundation.org.uk

Become a Partner

Cheshire Community Foundation values all its networks across local communities and believes in the strength of relationships.

Become an Advocate for Cheshire Community Foundation by working with us to advise your clients on philanthropy and their giving options, adding value to the service you provide.


“The process of giving something back is made reassuringly straightforward by Cheshire Community Foundation, allowing my clients to make a real difference to the causes they feel passionate about.”

Heather Cunningham, Harold Sharp


Along with the organisations it supports, the Cheshire Community Foundation welcomes practical support to sustain its locally based services. Share your skills and make a real difference, by offering services free of charge across a range of key funtions, for example; marketing, publicity, photography, information technology, legal, human resources and financial management.


“Working with Cheshire Community Foundation (CCF) is straight forward, fun and extremely rewarding. Our pro bono support helps to build networks and extend our reach as a private company.  We would recommend working with CCF to any corporates that have skills to share.”                                                                                                                                             

Nick Mason, Mason Media


If you would like to offer your services to Cheshire Community Foundation, please contact Carole on: 01606 330607 or email: carole@cheshirecommunityfoundation.org.uk