Case Studies

Life changing support, transforming vulnerable lives*.

*Names have been changed to protect anonymity.


Kelly’s Story – An Alternative Curriculum

Kelly, aged 14, had anger management issues, was being continually bullied and on occasion, self-harmed.


Martha’s Story – Supporting isolated neighbours

“A marvellous service which has helped me not to become housebound, enabling me to get to the doctors and hospital. I no longer feel alone”

Supported by Middlewich Good Neighbours


Mathew’s Story – Help through school

Mathew was having frequent panic attacks in lessons and had also started to self-harm (cutting his arms). He was also experiencing some difficulties at home and was facing other cultural barriers. He reported feeling frequently anxious and in very low mood.

He attended counselling sessions in his school provided by a charity funded by a CCF donor and over the course of 9 sessions they worked on establishing the route of his depression and how to reduce self-harm. As the sessions went on, the


Mrs B’s Story – Supporting carers in Knutsford

Is a 79 year old lady who is the sole carer for her 81 year old husband who has recently been diagnosed with early stage Alzheimer’s. He found it very difficult to deal with the diagnosis and believed that he was mentally fit and well. He couldn’t understand his wife’s concerns and reluctance to leave him unsupervised.


Rob’s Story – Supporting Adults into Employment

“When I was younger I used to get in trouble, and ended up with a criminal record due to my string of driving offences. Then when I tried to get a job, I found it hard because my past got in the way.”


St Paul’s Centre – Tackling food poverty


Tom’s Story – Supporting people with drug or alcohol addictions

“I am a 68 year old widower. I have 2 grown up daughters.

I was born in Northwich. My childhood was reasonably happy and uneventful. My father was a manual worker. He drank every day. My mother forced me to leave school when I was 17 after completing ‘O’ levels. She wanted me to contribute to the household by going to work.

I met a girl. She got pregnant.