Over the past 10 years, Community Foundations have become the custodians of over 3000 trust funds, with asset transfers totalling in excess of £35 million.

Outsourced responsible giving

Cheshire Community Foundation (CCF) understands just how difficult it can be to invest in charities wisely and how time consuming and involved this process can be. Whether you are managing a charitable trust which is becoming static or too onerous to manage, or you are struggling to find the right voluntary organisations to fulfil the trust’s objectives, CCF can offer you a cost-effective grant management service, giving you peace of mind that your funds will be invested wisely, delivering maximum impact for the local community.

CCF also offers an ideal solution for Trustees who are focused on succession planning. By engaging with their local community foundation and handing over the day-to-day management of the fund, Trustees can be reassured that the trust they have responsibility for will continue to support the charitable objectives of the fund well into future.

Larger charitable trusts can be set up as endowments to get the best return for the money invested, whilst delivering longer-term support to the local community.

Experienced grant makers for charitable trusts

One of our largest funds is a charitable trust, which was transferred over to Cheshire Community Foundation in 2012 when we starting grant-making. We have a separate panel of local experts who review the applications to the fund which have been assessed by our Grant Director. The panel ensure that money is given to voluntary organisations in line with the fund objectives, whilst we make sure that the money that is donated achieves the greatest impact possible on the lives of disadvantaged people.

Next steps

Community Foundations have worked closely with the Charity Commission for England and Wales to develop understanding, knowledge and the specialist expertise to handle trust transfers. If you are looking for an alternative management solution for a charitable trust, to ensure the continued delivery of effective grant making in support of vulnerable individuals or groups, please call us on 01606 330607 or email: office@cheshirecommunityfoundation.org.uk.