Beanstalk is the national charity that provides one-to-one literacy support to children in primary schools who are falling behind with their reading ability and confidence, with the help of volunteer reading helpers.

They work with children aged 6 to 11 years old and most of them come from low income families. Beanstalk’s vision is a nation of children who can read and grow up with the skills and confidence to reach their true potential and to lead successful lives. Their ultimate goal is that children’s lives are transformed so they are no longer at risk of long-term social disadvantage and don’t face the negative consequences of illiteracy.

They have an innovative, simple and highly effective approach to help children who struggle with reading. Beanstalk recruit, vet, train and support volunteers around the country to work in primary schools, delivering reading sessions for children who have been identified by their schools as having poor literacy skills, low confidence and self-esteem and high risk of disengaging from education.

30/11/2017, Get Cheshire Reading! – With this project Beanstalk aims to help children who are falling behind with reading in Cheshire to improve their reading skills and increase their confidence and enjoyment of reading. The grant would enable Beanstalk to support 17 local volunteers who will help 53 children who are struggling with reading in primary schools across Cheshire.

26/04/2017, Rewriting the story of children across Cheshire – This project provides on-going support for thirteen reading helpers, who, in turn, will each provide reading support sessions twice weekly for 40 disadvantaged children in Cheshire over the course of a year.

03/03/2014, Volunteer Costs – Grant funding contributed towards the various costs involved in supporting volunteers to assist children in primary schools who are struggling to learn to read.

15/10/2014, Volunteer Costs –  Grant funding contributed to volunteer reading helpers and allow support to go into primary schools in Crewe to help children with their reading.