Central Cheshire Buddy Scheme

Cheshire East

Central Cheshire Buddy Scheme (CCBS) supports children and young people with disabilities, carers and siblings. Their aim is to have a positive impact on peoples lives by creating new opportunities, developing new skills, supporting children and young people to have fun in a safe supported environment. They do this through activity clubs where their groups have fun, meet friends and are physically active. CCBS have a 17 seat mini bus and use this to deliver the activity sessions including days at the beach, swimming, and cycling. CCBS currently support over 150 disabled children and young people through 6 activity clubs. They support over 50 carers each month and over 200 a year; CCBS also support 35 siblings each month.

26/04/17, Sibling Carers – this project is to produce a film or DVD to be shown to professionals about how being a young carer can affect their lives, helping them to understand how they can be better supported.

29/03/17, Caring for carers in Knutsford – this project will provide advice, information and an opportunity for carers of a disabled child or young person to have some “me” time to meet other carers and relax. The aim of the project is to support parent carers as many feel isolated and lonely. This project will give them the opportunity to meet and mix with others, to have fun, some treats and give them some support.

30/01/17, Changing Lives – this project is a programme of physical activity of at least 2 * 60 minute sessions per week – including the use of qualified fitness instructors or sports coaches, with activities both indoor and outdoors (walking, swimming, cycling and visits to a trampoline centre).