Friends for Leisure

Cheshire East

Friends for Leisure (FfL) aim to enable disabled children and young people to have access to and participate in everyday leisure activities from which they are often excluded. FfL provide their own regular group activities, where our volunteers are essential, and link individual young people to volunteers so that they can take part in community activities, both organised and informal, of their choice. The main objective is to create opportunities for disabled children and young people to develop friendships both with each other and with the volunteers.

26/04/17, Volunteering Programme – this project comprises the recruitment, training and ongoing support of young volunteers. The Volunteer Coordinator visits schools and colleges to talk about the benefits of volunteering and to encourage students to join in this social action. The volunteers who join the one-to-one project, are matched by the Volunteer Coordinator and the Project Workers with individual disabled young people, based on similar interests and location. This enables the young person to spend their leisure time with a friend rather than a parent.

13/04/17, Congleton Youth Groups – this project will establish two new Congleton youth groups, one for 11 to 14 year olds, and one for 15 to 21 year olds, to bring together disabled young people with non-disabled peers to give them the opportunity to make friends, develop their social skills and self-confidence, and have fun in a safe, supportive environment.

25/11/15, Family Support Programme – this grant helped the continuation of an already setup and running Family Support Programme.

15/07/13, Recruiting and Training – this grant helped pay for training costs to recruit more able-bodied volunteers aged 15-21 to support disabled young people.