Just Drop-In

Cheshire East

Formed in 2000, by Hope Churches Together, we are a small, but vibrant local Charity providing a range of services to children and young people from Macclesfield and its surrounding areas. In particular, we seek to support those who have or are facing multiple disadvantages and those experiencing challenges with their emotional health.

We seek to remove red tape and to promote quick and easy access to all of our services for young people aged 12-25. Our services are outcome focused, based on best evidence and built around need. We are person centred, professional, transparent and accountable. We highly value our localism and thrive as a result of community involvement and volunteering. We aim to reduce stigma, promote resilience and seek to intervene early where ever possible We encourage young people to have a voice and actively participate in the life of the charity.

12/07/17, Just Drop-In Routes and Roots Barnaby Project – The theme of the Festival is Routes/Roots and we want to get young people participating in this important community event by volunteering their time at Just Drop-In to plan and deliver our involvement.

27/07/16, Tytherington High School In Reach Projects (TIPS) – The project will provide a qualified and experienced young person’s Counsellor to Tytherington High School for 10 hours a week to support young people attending the school.

12/02/16, Just Get Fit – This project is a weekly fitness sessions where young people and community volunteers can work together to achieve their fitness goals. In the winter months these will be at local indoor facility with a personal trainer who will work with the group as a whole. In the Spring and Summer months the group aim to train outdoors and set goals around the Macclesfield half marathon and other events.

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