Cheshire East

Visyon is a Congleton-based charity that supports the emotional health of over 1200 local children, young people and their families every year, improving their mental health and wellbeing and enabling them to develop the skills and toolkits to sustain and manage positive mental health for the future. They have a strength-based approach and offer support packages to children and young people based on individual need.

31/05/2015, Helping Families – Grant Funding provided holistic packages of play therapy, one-to-one counselling and family support leading to improved family relationships in cases where children and young people are experiencing emotional difficulties as a result of family breakdown, parental separation or new step-parent relationships.

22/06/2016, Counselling – Grant funding enabled counselling sessions for children and young people from Congleton and District.

30/11/2017, Parent Mutual Aid pilot – The project provides training in solution-focused techniques and group facilitation to parents, whose children receive direct mental health and well being support from Visyon to help parents to feel more supported and develop improved coping strategies and have an ongoing support system for themselves and ultimately have improved ability to support their children. The grant will pay for a staffing to oversee the groups, recruitment, volunteer expenses, rent and insurance and a laptop and phone.

11/01/2018, Under-11s Advice Booklet – This project will produce an advice booklet which can be sent home with primary school children offering advice to parents on dealing with some of the key issues that under-11s are facing with their mental health. The grant will pay for printing and distribution costs.

11/01/2018, Headspace Cafe – Visyon will offer opportunities for their young service users to engage in volunteering activities within Visyon itself. Visyon have an onsite café which the young people will work within, serving visitors and staff. The young people will be provided with training in food hygiene, customer service and meet-and-greet skills as appropriate.

30/04/2018, Community Ambassador project – This project will offer support and training to members of the community in order to encourage and support a community response to children and young people’s mental health. The grant will pay for a programme of training for members of the local community in mental health awareness, which will teach them how they can provide community leadership to promote the public’s understanding and response to children and young people’s wellbeing and mental health; and will also identify a number of community members who can act as mentors to young people supported by Visyon.

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