Wincle St Michael’s PCC

Cheshire East

Wincle St Michael’s PCC is a Church of England church that offer regular Sunday worship, the conducting of funerals, weddings, baptisms and support and help to the local church school and the wider community. The goal for Wincle St Michael’s is to turn the church into a community centre as well as a church, since they do not have a village hall, with better access and disabled facilities to encourage its use by other groups within the community and beyond, particularly older people who might feel lonely in the widespread community and young people.

26/04/17, Wincle Church reordering – the grant contributed to the reordering of the back of the church to allow for the installation of disabled toilets and improve access so that the church building is more user friendly as a village community centre. These changes will address a need for a communal meeting place with suitable facilities for many activities other than church services such as activities for children, mothers and toddlers, art groups and keep fit groups.