Ed’s Story – Improving live chances for children

Ed is a young boy aged 8 who lives within social housing in Dallam, Warrington with his Mum, Dad and older brother and sister.  He attends a nearby mainstream primary school and is part of the pupil premium cohort.

“Before engaging with the Cheshire Community Foundation funded Children’s University Programme, this particular young person was very isolated within school. His daily challenges were heightened by low self-esteem and extremely low confidence levels.  This resulted in a lack of enthusiasm and willingness to take part in school-based lessons, as well as extra-curricular activities, and found new challenges very difficult.” – School Coordinator.

Children’s University was already established within the school. Ed was referred to the programme to help support and develop his low self-esteem and to encourage both himself, alongside his family, to engage in fun, educational activities.

Being part of the programme encouraged the whole family to find new interests and locate new activities.  He is a Warrington Wolves supporter and the launch event at their stadium was a key activity in gaining all of the students’ attention and trust.  After participating in this event, Ed engaged more and his interests and confidence grew.

Children’s University has had a major impact on both Ed and his family.  He and his mum are now more confident in attending ‘Learning Destinations’ and doing more at the weekend.  With a new found interest in social activities, he has also signed up to after school rugby sessions.  He now regularly attends other after school clubs and he is finding new interests.  School have noted an increase in confidence and willingness to stay in school for after-school clubs.

The ‘Learning Destinations’ trips encouraged the family to sign up and visit their local library and the Catalyst Museum.   Mum is now very much engaged and is always looking for new ‘Learning Destinations’. School receive regular updates of all the activities attended and they are both keen to continue their learning journey together, whilst gaining more stamps towards Graduation.

Being able to offer a range of after school activities is a key advantage of being part of Children’s University.  By offering computer workshops, Ed now has a particular interest in fixing them and would like to learn more!

“We take his passport everywhere now. I am always looking out for the logo at new Learning Destinations. It’s given my son the confidence and boost to try new things instead of always playing on his computer.”


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