Kelly’s Story – An Alternative Curriculum

“Kelly was referred from high school as a candidate for an alternative curriculum as they found Kelly to be very disruptive in lessons. We gladly opened our doors to Kelly and through her individual learning plan, we mutually decided that we needed to lessen her anxiety, help her manage her anger and outbursts and increase her self confidence.

We worked with Kelly on a one to one basis for 3 hours and then we interacted with our other volunteers as a group. We have found that this gives Kelly the chance to do therapeutic work that enables her to talk confidently about her problems and things that she struggles to deal with. The one to one sessions give her time to off load and give staff members the time to help Kelly work through her anger and confidence issues. After only 6 weeks of attending Bridge Community Farms, Kelly had stopped self-harming, her confidence has improved significantly and she chose to interact more with the group! Since we started educating Kelly on how to deal with her anger and what to do in situations where she feels an outburst surfacing, her anger issues are gradually subsiding. As well as these marked improvements, Kelly has kindly offered to volunteer on her free days off.

Meetings with her head teacher have proved that the work we do here is beneficial to young students that a standard classroom based curriculum doesn’t suit. He has expressed how much Kelly has changed as a student with her being calmer in lessons, her outbursts are less frequent and that she is a much happier person.”

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