Mathew’s Story – Help through school

Mathew was having frequent panic attacks in lessons and had also started to self-harm (cutting his arms). He was also experiencing some difficulties at home and was facing other cultural barriers. He reported feeling frequently anxious and in very low mood.

He attended counselling sessions in his school provided by a charity funded by a CCF donor and over the course of 9 sessions they worked on establishing the route of his depression and how to reduce self-harm. As the sessions went on, the cutting turned to drawing on his arms as a way of letting his emotions go and eventually that stopped.

Mathew always turned up for his appointments promptly and was grateful they were at school as he did not feel confident enough to access services outside of this environment.

Mathew is now doing well; he is focused and preparing for his GCSE’s. His post therapy scores show a reliable recovery of his low mood and anxiety. Mathew said on his feedback that the counselling at school helped him deal with issues which previously floored him. He passed on his thanks for the support he had been given, describing the counselling as “a safe place to go and talk and express your feelings”.

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