Pure Insight is a charity that works with young care-leavers who have no-one in the world to turn to when things go wrong. This is how they helped one young man overcome terrible challenges and get back on his feet.

Naz is 21 years old. In early 2020 he had been uprooted from his local town and moved to another to protect his safety. A person whom he believed to be a friend took over his flat and used it to sell drugs. When Naz objected he was met with abuse and violence and he fled fearing for his life. As he pressed charges and told police about the drug use in his home, he is now extremely paranoid that he will be found and attacked by the perpetrator.

The majority of work the charity has done with Naz is to create safety and stabilisation. They have helped familiarise Naz with his new home town so that he would know where to go in an emergency and how to build his own local support networks in the community. They took him to churches serving cooked hot meals and introduced him to volunteers who took the time to get to know him. They visited local stores to investigate volunteering opportunities and explored other good relationships he could make locally.

They got him signed up with his local GP and helped Naz to share his battles with low mood and anxiety and he has now been prescribed medication which in a short space of time has been life-changing. The charity feels as though they have met a new Naz!

Naz had also struggled with nightmares and a lack of sleep so the charity helped him to devise a sleep plan to boost his sleep pattern and help eliminate his anxiety about sleep.

The charity next turned to help Naz manage his money but were struggling to make sense of his spending.  Eventually, Naz disclosed that he had suffered from a health issue for the past two years, as a result of an accident.  He was too ashamed to seek help but was spending a large portion of his benefits on products to help him deal with the issue.  The charity made a referral to a service that now provide free products and support, freeing up money for food and helping him up to process the trauma he has experienced.

When the pandemic hit, Naz could have been completely alone, but Pure Insight provided a phone with 3 months unlimited calls/data so that there was always a friendly voice, a shoulder to cry on and somewhere to turn in a crisis. Following the lifting of lockdown the charity has continued to help Naz build on his connections, helping him to feel a part of his local community.

Naz had no-where to turn.  Without the support of Pure Insight, who knows what might have happened.  It is your generosity that has helped Naz and thousands of people like him get the support needed to carry on, and we couldn’t be more grateful – thank you!