Our aim at Cheshire Community Foundation is to make giving to charity an enjoyable, uplifting experience, where our donors can see how vulnerable lives are changed as a direct result of the donations they make. Investing wisely in charities is not as easy as it sounds. We are conscious that our donors do not have the time to manage incoming requests for support, pore over charity accounts and business plans, review budgets and project plans, check governance and make sure that the money awarded is spent as it was intended. We manage all the due diligence, payments, project monitoring etc. for you, whilst sharing the project impact, successes and stories of the people you’ve helped through the donations you’ve made.

Getting involved

We encourage our donors to get involved as much or as little as they want to. We love our donors to meet the people they have helped and the people who dedicate their lives to helping others. We find these visits can be heart-warming, heart wrenching but almost always inspiring.


“Whatever your level of involvement, your experience is likely to be rewarding, inspiring and educational.”


Many of the families and individuals we work with are keen to remain as anonymous donors but giving in traditional ways makes this very difficult. Some of our other donors, who have been seen to be generous in their giving in the past, can be inundated by requests for support, to the point where it becomes an administrative challenge to manage these requests and make decisions as to who to support with any clarity.

Cheshire Community Foundation offers you the opportunity to outsource your charitable giving, ensuring that your investment in the local community is well informed, focused and supported by comprehensive reporting, giving you complete confidence that you really have changed the lives of vulnerable people. We can advise donors on where the acute needs are in Cheshire and Warrington, so your fund can be used to address priority areas of need in our local community. Or, if you are clear on the cause(s) you would like to support, we can connect you to voluntary organisations that support the people you are passionate about helping.

Your giving options

We are always grateful for all donations, of any value.

  • Donations under £10,000 can be given to support any of our general funds, e.g. our Mental Health Fund or our Small Grants Programme, and you will receive a report every 12 months to advise you as to how the money in that fund has been spent
  • Alternatively you can set up your own fund from £10,000 upwards, where you can decide on what you’d like to support and over what duration you’d like the fund to be spent. Again, we offer 12 monthly reporting and we liaise with you during our grants rounds three times a year (when we make a decision on which voluntary organisations will be supported), to agree with you on which projects you’d like to support
  • Endowment funds can be set up for larger funds or where donors are looking to make a longer-term impact on the local community

Next steps

Please call us on 01606 330607 or email: office@cheshirecommunityfoundation.org.uk to make a donation, set up a fund or find out more. All discussions are in the strictest of confidence.