On Friday 11th May CCF were delighted to present Hallie-Codie Lusty with the Inspiring Young Women Award and a bursary for £1,000 at the 26th annual ‘Inspiring Women Awards’. The Award, which is open to 16-25-year-olds, hopes to inspire the next generation by recognising those young women who have beaten the odds to achieve their dream; been inspirational to others; set up businesses or are overcoming obstacles to pursue their career.

Hallie-Codie, who is currently at college studying fashion and textiles and is a member of The Factory Youth Zone, has had to fight through a lot of difficult situations to get to where she is today. After some moving around, Hallie-Codie moved back to the Manchester area and was unable to be placed in a mainstream high school due to past actions. This meant that she was placed in a Pupil Referral Unit where her options for GCSE’s were limited. At this point, Hallie-Codie describes feeling ‘overwhelmed’ as she knew this route would not allow her to reach her full potential. Hallie-Codie decided to join The Factory Youth Zone as “a starting point to getting myself out there and rebuilding the confidence and self-esteem I had lost through the various events in my life so far”. Hallie-Codie enjoyed being at The Factory as it allowed her to meet people her own age and make friends. After finishing her GCSE’s, Hallie-Codie went on to join The Factory’s Learn to Lead programme, which upon completion, meant Hallie-Codie became a Young Leader, donating her time to volunteering at The Factory and allowing her to develop her leadership skills. Congratulations to Hallie-Codie on becoming a young leader and a role model to other young people.

To date The Inspiring Young Women Foundation has funded an annual bursary of £1,000 for the Inspiring Young Woman award winner, the aim is to now allocate funds to a wider audience in this age group. From 2018, The Inspiring Women Association in conjunction with Cheshire Community Foundation will be supporting and funding projects benefiting young women across the region.