In years to come the Covid-19 pandemic will undoubtedly be assigned a significant chapter in our history books, but for the people of Knutsford there will be a far more intimate portrait of the way their lives changed in the Spring of 2020.

During her daily hour of exercise, local photographer Sarah King has taken to the streets with her camera and documented day to day life during lockdown. In a fascinating online exhibition, which captures the experiences of a broad range of Knutsford’s residents, Sarah shares her lens-eye view of how a community is coping during unprecedented times.

Funny, uplifting, sad and thought-provoking, the images express some of the many emotions we have all experienced, often simultaneously, and which will resonate with people the length and breadth of Britain.

Whilst the exhibition is free to view online, Sarah hopes that visitors to the site will make a donation to Cheshire Community Foundation’s dedicated Knutsford fund, to help meet the increasing demand for charitable support resulting from the COVID-19 crisis.

Set up in February this year, the fund helps local charities provide support to Knutsford’s many vulnerable residents, addressing urgent needs such as access to food or emergency support on issues such as debt. With these residents being the hardest hit by COVID-19 emergency measures and many turning to increasingly stretched charities for support, Cheshire Community Foundation is appealing for extra funds. Priority support is to be given to local projects supporting people affected by the virus, helping to keep them safe and supported in their homes.

To view the exhibition click here

or to make a donation to the Knutsford Community & Covid-19 Response Fund, click here