Cheshire Community Foundation manages a range of funds on behalf of our donors, supporting a broad range of charitable activities across Cheshire.

Some of our donors are happy to share who they are and what they would like to fund, whilst others wish to donate anonymously.

Please do have a look at the funds we have available and the themes and objectives supported through these funds.

Our Individual, Family, Corporate and Group Donors include:

  • Active Communities Fund
  • Ainscough Fund
  • Bentley Motors Ltd
  • Cheshire Ladies Philanthropy Club
  • Hall Lane Donor Directed Fund
  • Higher Mutlow Fund
  • Holroyd Fund
  • Ingersley Fund
  • Oliver Foundation Fund
  • One Oak Fund
  • Polly Fund
  • Redmonds Fund
  • Sheppard Fund

Our Corporate Donors include:

  • Bentley Fund
  • Cheshire Crime Fighting Fund
  • Conviviality Plc Fund
  • Frank Roberts & Sons Ltd Fund
  • Mornflake Trustee Discretionary Fund
  • Neston & District Community Fund
  • Quality Freight Fund
  • Quorum Fund
  • Swansway Fund For Young People
  • Westminster Cheshire West and Chester Fund


We have specific funds in place to support the areas of Crewe, Neston and Ellesmere Port.

The charitable objectives supported by all of the above funds focus on the following four key themes:


Mental Health and Wellbeing:

  • Supporting activities that lead to people being more active across across Cheshire
  • Supporting children and people suffering with mental health issues
  • Supporting projects focusing on older people
  • Supporting local charities in to help manage the fear of crime, especially cyber-crime, human trafficking and child sexual exploitation
  • Supporting charities who are providing support to people experiencing difficult circumstances due to an illness, injury, bereavement or financial difficulty, especially when caring for a dependent
  • Supporting projects that work with disadvantaged children and families.

Poverty and Disadvantage

  • Supporting projects which promote lasting improvements in the lives of local underprivileged children and vulnerable individuals throughout Cheshire

Education, Skills and Employment

  • Supporting Cheshire based projects which work with marginalised or disadvantaged people to access opportunities and be the best that they can be
  • Supporting community based projects that work with young people to enhance their knowledge, skills and learning in Cheshire

Stronger Communities

  • Supporting a broad range of local, community focused charities and voluntary sector activity, throughout the whole of Cheshire and Warrington
  • Providing financial assistance to charities and community groups working in Cheshire and Warrington that aim to bring about step change in creative, imaginative and innovative ways
  • Supporting a range of charities to promote and help others via volunteering
  • Supporting Cheshire based charities to improve life for children, especially in socially deprived areas

If you would like to donate or set-up a fund please click here, or call us on 01606 330607 or email: