Donations of any value are always gratefully received, but if you are keen to make a difference in a particular geographic area or help address a specific area of need, donors are able to set up their own Fund with an initial donation of £10,000 upwards.

We work with donors to decide on the types of projects and beneficiaries they would like to support, e.g. young people, older people, people with disabilities, mental health issues etc.

We will support that decision by advising our donors on where the areas of real need are in Cheshire and Warrington, so they can rest assured that they will be supporting vulnerable people who really need their help.

Other opportunities for investment

Trustee Managed Fund: Donors have the option of donating into a fund which is managed by our Trustees, who make the decisions about how the money should be used to create the greatest impact.

Group Mental Health Fund: We also give all donors the opportunity to donate money into our Group Mental Health Fund, supporting vulnerable people with mental health issues. Please contact us on 01606 330607 for more information.

Youth Social Action Fund: Thanks to government support, we are able to match fund up to £45,000 donated into this fund, which is focused on encouraging young, hard to reach people to become volunteers. This is an incredible way of helping young people with limited opportunities get employment ready; building their confidence and developing key skills whilst helping other disadvantaged people. If you would like to make your money go further in pursuit of helping young vulnerable people and their local community, please contact us on 01606 330607 for more information.

Next steps

Once you have decided on the focus of your fund, all you need to do is send the funds to us and, where relevant, we will apply for Gift Aid on your behalf. We will then be in touch three times a year to tell you about the opportunities you have for investment and you can start making a difference. For more information please call us on 01606 330607 or email: