On Wednesday 19th April 2017 the Carers Trust of Cheshire and Warrington held a launch event to promote “Making Carers count in Knutsford”. This is a project to be delivered to support young and older carers by both The Carers Trust and Cheshire Buddies Scheme. The project has been generously supported by one of our fantastic donors Oliver Valves, who hold a fund with us at Cheshire Community Foundation (CCF).


The aim of the event was to make local carers aware of the professional support available to them and to meet other locally based carers to help increase their support network and to share information and experiences. The event was attended by CCF volunteer Mel, and Sharon Inch, HR Director for Oliver Valves. Sharon said: “The challenges facing carers young and old are frequently overlooked. With more than 2000 carers in Knutsford, this event was a really effective way of introducing carers to local services which can significantly improve the quality of their lives.


The event provided plenty of information on other future courses and support such as; carer training courses, lifting classes, residential training course and courses to help the carer deal with patients with dementia. One in ten people are carers within the UK and three in five people become carers at some stage in their lives. CCF Volunteer Mel commented: “It can be a lonely and isolating experience and this event helped to bring carers within the Knutsford area together and make them feel valued and recognised.”


There were other organisations represented that morning who were also offering their professional support. These included “Fair Power for all’ a group who help people to switch energy suppliers, ‘The Friendship Café’, which arrange meeting dates for the people living with dementia.


We are hugely grateful to Oliver Valves for their incredible support and their drive to raise awareness around the issues affecting young and older carers. Thank you.