Warrington Voluntary Action (WVA) are working alongside Cheshire Community Foundation (CCF) to support local organisations to gain access to the Warrington Older People’s Fund by providing an opportunity for direct feedback from the CCF Grants Director.  WVA are offering face to face sessions with a read through and advice on your application before you submit it to the panel.

CCF offer the Older People’s Fund to Warrington organisations working with people aged 50+.  Applications are welcome from all ‘not for profit’ organisations (charities, community groups and social enterprises) working with this age group.  This could be for one particular group / service, a piece of intergenerational work or an organisation who have a sizeable number of members or beneficiaries of that age.  Your group does not have to be set up to work specifically with older people.

Organisations applying must be delivering services in Warrington.

For information and the criteria on the fund CLICK HERE.

For the general grant criteria CLICK HERE.

Please see the timetable of the day below and ensure you understand the criteria for getting an appointment with CCF.


Monday 14th May 2018


9:30am – 10:30am – Welcome to CCF Presentation

This hour long session is for organisations new to applying to CCF.  As an introduction to the fund, it discusses what the funder’s priorities are, how to apply and the monitoring expectations.

This session is ideal for you that are unsure if it suits your organisation or you think you may apply in the future and is not designed for those organisations attending the 1:1 sessions.


11:00am – 16:30pm (including breaks) – 1:1 sessions

These 20 minute sessions allow a rare opportunity to go through the bid you have written with the Grants Director directly before submission.

In order to get an appointment and this feedback opportunity you must

  1. Read both sections of the Warrington Older People’s fund criteria available on the links above
  2. Establish if your organisation or project is eligible
  3. Decide on a project or service that you can realistically deliver
  4. Complete (at a minimum) Sections 1, 2 and 4 of the electronic application (also available on the link below).

You should not submit the application as you may wish to alter it after the feedback.


Appointments will only be given to organisations that have submitted a project proposal through the application process by 5pm on Tuesday 8th May 2018.  A member of the WVA team will then get in touch and allocate you a time slot.  Please note that the time slots are first come first serve but we will do our best to assign a suitable time.


For more information on this opportunity, please contact Bryan – bryan@warringtonva.org.uk