The Assura Community Fund has been created to support local health projects across the UK, funding health-improving initiatives by charities and local charitable groups.

The Fund will distribute more than £3 million over the next five years, supporting communities living within a 15 mile radius of Assura-owned GP surgery, primary care and treatment centre buildings.

People’s health is determined by a range of social, economic and environmental factors. Alongside the valuable services provided by primary healthcare providers, the voluntary sector plays a vital, complementary role in addressing vulnerable people’s needs in a holistic way, supporting individuals to take greater control of their own health and wellbeing.

This combination has been shown to have powerful emotional and social benefits helping to reduce social exclusion – for disadvantaged, isolated and vulnerable people and for people with mental health problems.

Our aim is to help to change lives for the better in the communities our buildings serve, and we would welcome your support.


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To check whether your project fits the location criteria, click HERE

The programme is now open and inviting applications for up to a maximum grant of £5000, to apply for a share of an initial £550,000.  For further details and programme eligibility criteria click HERE

The online application form is HERE and the deadline to apply is 14th September 2020. (Organisations are encourage to apply early as there is likely to be very high demand).