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Central Cheshire Buddies Amy’s Story

Cheshire Buddies takes a holistic approach to supporting disabled children and their families, not only providing fun activities, clubs and outings for the children, but also for siblings and parent carers, enabling them to meet, share experiences and have some fun.

Lockdown has hit everyone hard but for Amy* life became unbearable. A lone parent with a  disabled daughter and two other girls to support Amy was just about coping until her ex-husband was furloughed and could no longer contribute. The family were struggling.

Then Cheshire Buddies stepped in.  Referring Amy to the local foodbank they negotiated additional food supplies as well as applying for fuel vouchers on her behalf.  Just as importantly Amy was supported with calls and texts, so she knew she was not alone.

Regular doorstep deliveries of ‘Bags of Happiness’ kept the children supplied with crafts, treats, activities, books and games and as soon as restrictions were lifted slightly, all the children were taken out to participate in outdoor social clubs so they could enjoy some much-needed physical activity and fun, giving Amy some well-deserved ‘time off’.

Sadly Amy’s story is not unique, but funding from CCF means that Cheshire Buddies can continue to support many more families through this crisis.

*Not her real name