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Strength and Learning through Horses

The Assura Community Fund (managed by CCF) supports health-improving projects in the communities around their primary care buildings across the UK. This London-based charity is changing the lives of their young clients through the very special bond they forge with their therapeutic horses.

Founder and CEO Rosie Bentley wrote to us:

“We cannot thank the Assura Community Fund and Cheshire Community Foundation enough for this grant. The funding is helping young people who were at a point of crisis to turn their lives around. Without this funding these young people would still be struggling with mental health crises, many feeling unable to leave the house and all feeling unable to trust and engage with their school and other support service. Thanks to the Assura Community Fund they are now learning to believe in themselves and trust others through working with our special horses and specialist staff team. By the end of the programme funded by you, these young people will be successfully reengaged with school and on track to a bright future.”

One of the charity’s beneficiaries wrote a poem to express the impact of their experience with Strength and Learning through Horses.


Thank you to Thomas, the Therapy Horse

Hey Thomas, 

Listen, please do. 

How you’ve changed my life, 

If only you knew. 


You’ve taught me to slow down, 

To do things with patience. 

To handle situations calmly, 

With energy and perseverance. 


You showed me what vulnerability is, 

And let me know that that’s ok. 

You allowed me to explore and discover, 

To figure things out my own way. 


You conveyed a meaningful message, 

That it’s fine to ask for help. 

That doesn’t mean I’m inferior, 

Or any less perfect.  move this line


You made me push myself, 

Through boundaries I thought I’d never cross. 

Helping me surpass my expectations, 

Without feeling confused or lost. 


You gave me the acceptance, 

The affection that I crave. 

A day spent with you, 

Is the day I felt loved and safe. 


It’s a day where I can afford to feel, 

And allow my emotions to be heard. 

No need to constantly block out the noise, 

The ones I usually dread.  

You listened and never judged, 

Encouraging me to believe. 

That I may be good at something, 

There may be things I too can achieve. 


You allowed me to be honest, 

Accepting me in whichever mood I was in. 

Understanding me without talking, 

Giving me a chance to heal. 


You’re the best friend I’ve always wanted, 

Quirky and a ball of fun. 

You’ve instilled hope inside of me, 

Helping me smile again. 


I ‘aint saying goodbye, 

Cos you’ve lit up the dark. 

You’ve touched me deep inside, 

You’re the only key to my heart.