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Warrington Foodbank

At Warrington Foodbank, their number of clients in need doubled over just three weeks in spring. This kind of increase happened repeatedly through 2020 and 2021.

The volunteers needed more time to collect the food donations due to covid safety, then had to make up and deliver parcels, rather than clients collecting them. We can all think back to the first weeks of the pandemic when supermarket shelves were bare or we were unable to go out to shop for food; this was a small taste of the anxiety around hunger that many Warrington families were already living with, due to food poverty.

As redundancies rose and over a million people applied for benefits in one week alone, inevitably those already living on a knife-edge began to fall. In addition, those of us who always pop an item or two in the trolley for the foodbank were click-and-collecting instead, or the usual tins of beans or tomatoes weren’t on the shelf. Without your financial donations, Warrington Food Bank would have been unable to meet these needs. They represent the safety net that catches more local people than ever before, ensuring Cheshire families don’t go hungry.