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Surviving Winter
With rising fuel prices and falling temperatures ahead, older people are forced to choose between heating and eating. Can you help?


Fuel Poverty is a growing problem in Cheshire and Warrington, with over 1 in 10 homes going cold this winter. This means over 40,000 people will be without heating during falling temperatures. Older people are most at risk, the cold significantly impacting their health and even causing hundreds of avoidable deaths.

Cheshire Community Foundation’s Surviving Winter appeal will direct funds to a number of trusted local charities who can provide hot meals, regular activity and social contact for vulnerable older people and those in fuel poverty.

Please help by donating now.

Our job is always to assess the data first, so we can really understand the scale of a problem. For the over-85s in Cheshire East, approaching winter means a 57% increase in deaths, which is much higher than national average.

Covid has taught us how important respiratory health is to older people in particular, and the data shows older people in cold homes are more than twice as likely to suffer respiratory problems.

The recent rise in energy costs, in combination with the cut in universal credit will plunge over 40’000 people into freezing temperatures this winter.

Cheshire has many remote, rural communities who are set to be hardest hit by a cold winter. We need to look after our isolated elderly who will be a long way from being able to pay for their fuel this winter. Some data suggests an average rural household could be £600 short.

Sadly fuel poverty and food poverty usually go hand in hand. Thousands of people in Cheshire and Warrington this winter will be choosing between heating or eating. After a year that has taken its toll on all of our mental health, the stress of this kind of predicament must be hard to bear.

We will continue to do our utmost to help.

The Winter Fuel Payment is a universal government benefit, received by everybody over 65 regardless of your circumstances. If you don’t need yours, we ask that you please donate it to our Surviving Winter appeal and support local older people who really need our help.

If you would like to help us to continue to support the most vulnerable members of your community through this crisis, please donate whatever you can online here, or to speak to us, email