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Young Enterprise, Building Brighter Futures

Brighter futures on the horizon for young people across the UK as new Community Fund launches

Building Brighter Futures Fund awards Young Enterprise £19,790  
to empower young people across Warrington 

The Building Brighter Futures Fund, which helps give younger generations across the UK a better life, has donated £19,790 to Young Enterprise to deliver innovative programmes, designed to empower almost 2,000 young people in Warrington with essential financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills. 

Young Enterprise works in partnership with local schools, businesses and volunteers to inspire ande enable thousands of young people each year to learn and succeed through enterprise. The organisation ensures that young people grow up with the life skills, knowledge and confidence they need to succeed in the changing world of work. 

The donation, awarded by the Building Brighter Futures Fund, will support the initiatives, which are designed to equip young people with essential money management skills, introduce employability skills, where students work alongside inspiring business leaders, and engage students in meaningful masterclasses in business practice and problem-solving, allowing them to act as advisors to real companies. The initiatives not only enhance the skills and career prospects of the participants, but also foster community cohesion by connecting business owners with the workforce of the future. 

The Building Brighter Futures Fund was launched last month by Cheshire Community Foundation (CCF), in partnership with global leaders in sustainable materials, EMR. The Fund awards grants to UK charities offering employment and educational, or health and social care opportunities to young people in local communities.  

Mel Sproston, CEO at Cheshire Community Foundation said: “We understand the challenges that our communities face and work tirelessly for better opportunities for all. Thanks to the Building Brighter Futures Fund, we are able to invest in Young Enterprise and its initiative to enhance the skills and career prospects of young people across Warrington.”

We are extremely grateful to the Building Brighter Futures Fund for their £19,070 donation. This grant will enable us to continue our mission of empowering young people and building a successful and sustainable future for all, reflecting a shared commitment to fostering positive change and creating opportunities for the next generation.

Viv Couche
Young Enterprise

At EMR, we believe in the transformative power of education and employment opportunities, to shape a brighter future for young people in the communities that we serve. We’re proud to be able to support the fantastic work that Young Enterprise does, and the programmes that will undoubtedly make a significant impact on the lives of young people across Warrington, providing them with the tools they need to succeed in the future.

Lee Skarratt
North West Area Manager at EMR

EMR, a global leader in sustainable materials, is committed to effecting positive social change in the communities it serves, and has more than 60 sites across the UK alone. Space4Autism, is located in close proximity to a number of EMR’s North West metal recycling facilities. 

The Building Brighter Futures Fund is now accepting applications for funding.  

Building Brighter Futures Fund | Building Brighter Futures Fund

Building Brighter Futures by EMR 2024 Grants Programme – Cheshire Community Foundation