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Class of 2030: Young Minds Matter

Our young people need our help

In Cheshire and Warrington, as across the country, we are facing an unprecedented mental health crisis among our children and young people. Following the COVID pandemic, the need for mental health support among young people has reached an all-time high. Those who are already experiencing disadvantage are being disproportionately impacted by mental health challenges.

Poor mental health is not only impacting our young people’s wellbeing today but is also reducing their life chances for the future. School attendance is adversely affected and mental health issues threaten to cause long-term problems and increase the chance of future unemployment.

With the capacity of statutory services (CAMHS) taken up by those who are already in crisis with the very highest level of need, there remains an overwhelming and continuing need for prevention and early intervention support. This aims to stop young people from ever reaching crisis point, and prevent development of longer-term issues that could affect them for the rest of their lives.

What can you do?

Many people know the challenges that children and young people are facing but don’t know how to help. Cheshire Community Foundation’s Class of 2030: Young Minds Matter programme provides an easy way for local people and businesses like you to make a difference. This funding will support the most innovative grassroots charities with a proven track-record of changing young people’s lives, to deliver the early support that is desperately needed.

Class of 2030: Young Minds Matter

This multi-year initiative will invest in the best early help and prevention projects to support children and young people (aged 5–18 years) to navigate challenges, build resilience and care for their own mental wellbeing. Our ambition is to ensure that every young person in Cheshire and Warrington has access to early intervention mental health support – while targeting those most in need. By offering continued funding over multiple years, we will ensure that every generous donation delivers more, by empowering charities to think innovatively and work collaboratively. We saw this approach help hundreds of young people during the first Young Minds Matter programme (2017-2020). Through this approach, you will not only help children and young people who are struggling today but will also help us to drive the development of best practice in supporting mental health in young people for the future.

Class of 2030: Young Minds Matter funding aims to create…

  • A strong family/carer environment around every young person
  • Support to ensure young people are equipped for and attending school
  • Mental health support for those not in school
  • Help in moving towards education, employment or training
  • Meaningful out-of-school activities for disadvantaged young people

Thanks to the first Young Minds Matter Programme (2018-2020)

Why give through Cheshire Community Foundation?

Cheshire Community Foundation is uniquely placed within the community to connect private sector organisations and public sector bodies, and to enable our generous donors to pool resources to make an even bigger difference. Our grant-making in this area has already helped deliver huge changes for young people’s mental health and given them a better ability to cope with life’s challenges, and you can help us do even more.

Start changing lives today

This is a critical opportunity to help address one of the greatest challenges in our community today. We have seen what works but we need your help to make it happen. If you would like to help increase our young people’s chances of thriving in their future lives, please drop us an email at or get in touch any time for a quick chat on 01606 330607.

Together we can show that Young Minds Matter.

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Download the Young Minds Matter leaflet here – Class of 2030 – Young Minds Matter