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Winners of a 2024 CCF President's Award

MyCWA (formerly known as Cheshire Without Abuse) has supported people impacted by domestic abuse for over 45 years. The Lighthouse Project, supporting marginalised communities particularly care experienced and the D/deaf community – improves access to services and support.


This £24,000 project funded by Bentley, won a CCF President’s Award for excellence, in the category of strategic activity. It demonstrated outstanding outcomes and a powerful impact for those clients who received help as a result. The grant was through the Bentley Advancing Life Chances Fund, aiming to improve access to services for people in Crewe and beyond.

Saskia Lightburn-Ritchie receives the President’s Award for MyCWA from Lady Alexis Redmond MBE, and Mel Sproston, CCF CEO. Photo credit: Clicked by Kate

MyCWA delivers services that engage and empower. Integral to their approach is a culture of inclusion and co-production with clients. So when it became clear that there were two groups under-represented in their client base, it was important for MyCWA to reach into those communities and build trust. The Lighthouse Project was born, and access to the charity’s services was vastly improved for people who have experienced the care system, and the D/deaf community.

This prestigious award recognises the impact of our Lighthouse project, which is dedicated to breaking down barriers to essential services in marginalised communities. From Afghan refugees to the Gypsy, Romani & Traveller community, we’ve supported various communities, and I couldn’t be prouder of MyCWA’s dedication to reaching and supporting people facing additional obstacles. Just last month, I laid out a new strategic vision for MyCWA, one tenet of which focuses on gaining recognition for our work. While we don’t always shout about our achievements, it’s incredibly rewarding to be acknowledged by Cheshire Community Foundation and its inspiring donors. This recognition means a lot to the team and me, and I’m so proud of the dedication and hard work behind it.

Saskia Lightburn-Ritchie