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Winners of a 2024 CCF President's Award

Evolve is a charity providing age-appropriate preventative information and awareness, tackling the impact of substance misuse.

Their recent £2,500 project, funded through Cheshire Community Foundation, has won a President’s Award for excellence in delivery and impactful outcomes in the community.

Evolve is committed to improving the health and well-being of children and young people by focusing on crime prevention and addressing anti-social behaviors through educational outreach. The initiative involves visits to schools, where Evolve engages directly with students to raise awareness about the dangers of substance misuse. This proactive approach not only educates but also actively prevents the initiation of substance and drug abuse among youth.

The impact of Evolve’s efforts extends beyond individual health, enhancing knowledge about drugs and substance misuse within the wider community. These interventions have proven effective in mitigating severe consequences associated with anti-social behaviors and crime.

A significant impact of Evolve is in prevention, deterring individuals from starting to abuse substances initially. Additionally, Evolve collaborates with various partners to provide support to those affected by specific substances, such as nitrous oxide—also known as laughing gas. This substance has recently garnered significant concern in Cheshire and is recognized as the second most commonly misused substance among young people in the UK.

By focusing on education and support, Evolve aims to create a safer, healthier environment for young individuals, significantly reducing the potential for future substance misuse and related criminal activities.

Thank you so much for this award, I can’t tell you how much it means to me. Cheshire Community Foundation have approved three grants to Evolve now and each one has enabled us to speak to thousands of young people, helping them to make informed decisions. We will continue our work, tackling the impact of substance misuse, with even more pride after this award. Evolve is a privilege and a passion.

Ally Hodgson
CEO, Evolve
Ally Hodgson receiving Evolve’s President’s Award from Lady Alexis Redmond MBE and Mel Sproston CCF CEO

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