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Transparency and Access

Transparency and Access in our Grantmaking

At Cheshire Community Foundation, we are deeply committed to enhancing accessibility and transparency in our grant-making processes. We understand that timely and detailed information is crucial for effective planning within the voluntary sector, which is why we are proactively sharing our grant timelines and details, starting with our popular Small Grants programme.

Our Small Grants programme for 2024 offers a structured opportunity to apply for up to £2,500 in funding, supporting projects that tackle significant issues such as poverty, hunger, and inequalities in Cheshire and Warrington. Recognising the challenges faced by small, grassroots organisations, we have planned out the application and decision-making schedule for the entire year, ensuring that every potential applicant knows what to expect and when to expect it.

The application window for the Small Grants opened on 10th January, 2024, and remains open until October 31st, 2024. This extended period allows your organisation to prepare a compelling application without rush. Here’s a breakdown of our 2024 timeline:

  • First panel date: Apply by January 31st, for a decision by 13th March.
  • Second panel date: Apply by March 31st, for a decision by 8th May.
  • Third panel date: Apply by May 31st, for a decision by 10th July.
  • Fourth panel date: Apply by August 31st, for a decision by 9th October.
  • Final panel date: Apply by October 31st, for a decision by 11th December.

This structure ensures that you can plan your project’s timeline with clarity and certainty, knowing precisely when funding decisions will be communicated. Additionally, we ensure that funds are disbursed promptly within two weeks of accepting the grant terms, provided all conditions set by the panel are met.

Our commitment extends beyond simple funding; we aim to empower communities to design solutions that work for them. We encourage applications from projects that improve financial skills, enhance food security, and promote equal access to essential services among the most vulnerable populations in our community.

For more detailed information on application guidelines, areas of support, and to view the complete calendar of deadlines, please visit our Small Grants programme page. We are here to assist you in making a significant impact in our community through your valuable work.