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Small Grants
Small Grants
Closing date 31/10/2024
Theme Support for local community work
Max Grant £2500
Grantmaking principles 2024

In this programme, you can apply for funding of up to £2,500 to help your small, grassroots project deliver work against the areas below. You must be able to tell us which area your work aligns with, and how you’ll know you’ve been successful with the work you want to do.

At panel, we will always prioritise applications for work which supports people who live in more deprived areas of Cheshire according to the Index of Multiple Deprivation.


This programme will open to applications on 10th January 2024 and will close on 31st October 2024. You can apply at any time during that window, and you’ll find the deadline dates for each decision panel below. You can expect to receive the outcome of your application within three weeks once the panel has met to consider your application, and payment within two weeks of accepting the terms and conditions of any grant, as long as you’ve fully met any conditions the panel has asked you to meet.  

Panel dates and deadlines 2024:

Apply by: January 31st 2024, for decision date: March 13th 2024

Apply by: March 31st 2024, for decision date: May 8th 2024

Apply by: May 31st 2024, for decision date: July 10th 2024

Apply by: August 31st 2024, for decision date: October 9th 2024

Apply by: October 31st 2024, for panel date: December 11th 2024

If your project is in Warrington you’ll need to apply under our exciting new Warrington Fund, which launched in April 2024. You can find information on our Warrington programmes here. 

Work you can apply for:

No Poverty
We’re keen to fund work which:
  • helps people improve their financial skills and resilience, if they’re in a vulnerable financial position
  • builds awareness of how to access financial support to which you may be entitled, or responsible sources of finance to turn to
  • helps people build skills for work, or to gain experience which will help them move closer to a job
  • helps create equal access to services which can help people save money.
Zero Hunger
We’re keen to fund work which:
  • Builds awareness of and access to sources of affordable, healthy food across Cheshire and Warrington for those who are financially vulnerable
  • Helps people access emergency food support when they need it
  • Helps to build cooking and growing skills where people feel this will help them to eat well with the resources they have.
Reduced Inequalities
We’re keen to fund work which:
  • empowers and promotes inclusion and equity for everyone in Cheshire and Warrington.
Good Health and Wellbeing
We’re keen to fund work which:
  • helps people experiencing or supporting those are living in addiction
  • helps people living with long-term health conditions to cope with the challenges their condition creates for accessing services, finding support or taking part in activities to improve a sense of wellbeing
  • helps unpaid carers of any age
  • supports people experiencing mental health challenges
Quality Education
We’re keen to fund work which:
  • helps to remove barriers which may be facing children and young people when it comes to being ready for school, accessing their education and being in a fit state to learn
  • helps young people grow their sense of aspiration for the future
  • helps to grow skills for employment and entrepreneurship in Cheshire and Warrington.
Climate Action
We’re keen to fund work which:
  • helps grassroots community organisations use nature to support better wellbeing.

Why are we prioritising these areas?

Our 2023 report Making a local difference as global citizens: evolving our grantmaking explored how our grantmaking priorities align with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and how they are reflected in available data on needs across Cheshire and Warrington.

We’ve sense-checked those findings with you and, using your feedback, our small grants in 2024 are focused on reducing the impact of disadvantage for people against the Sustainable Development Goals above.