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Evolving our grant-making

In 2023, we’re checking in on our grant-making strategy.

We’ve taken the first steps to map our existing grant-making priorities against the Sustainable Development Goals, and we hope our donors, grant partners and their beneficiaries can begin to recognise the incredible work they are doing as so very much more than ‘just’ grassroots support for local people; but as part of a movement which is building the tomorrow we want and need to see.

This is the start of a process, and we now need the help of our grant partners, local stakeholders and the wider community to further deepen this picture of evolving need in Cheshire and Warrington today, and your perspective on the unique way in which our grant-making should make a difference.

Read our desktop review of data on need in Cheshire and Warrington.

Give us your views on need in your community to inform our work on grant-making by our place-based funds.

How We Help

We offer expert advice and support to a range of donors, helping people and organisations to invest in local communities where funding is most needed and where it will have the most impact.

Our in depth understanding of the local area, the priority needs and how best to address them, means we are able to assist our donors to fund causes that they are not only passionate about but that will make the most difference.

Our aim is to tackle poverty and disadvantage, helping to build stronger, fairer, happier and more resilient communities across Cheshire and Warrington.

Over £11.5 million awarded
to charities in Cheshire and Warrington