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Grant Making Priorities and Principles
We want Cheshire to be a place where, regardless of where they live:
  • People can feel fulfilled and reach their full potential
  • People can achieve economic, social and physical wellbeing
  • Inequalities in life expectancy, health and employment opportunity are reduced
  • People share a strong sense of community
  • Voluntary and community-based activity can thrive and flourish
We have identified our chief priorities as being:
  • To improve mental health and wellbeing
  • To tackle poverty and disadvantage
  • To develop education, skills and employment
  • To build stronger communities across Cheshire
To achieve these priorities we will endeavour to:
  • Understand the needs and aspirations of people in Cheshire, recognising that ‘disadvantage’ can take many forms
  • Develop community investment programmes that are responsive and flexible, to take account of changing and emerging needs
  • Be responsive to the wishes of fund holders and donors
  • Ensure that our investment makes a significant difference to people’s lives
  • Work strategically on a Cheshire-wide basis, making links across sectors and working proactively to bring about change
  • Develop ongoing relationships with the voluntary and community organisations we work with and fund
  • Create an enduring legacy for Cheshire

Please download a PDF of our .Our Grant Making Priorities and Principles 2021

How We Help

We offer expert advice and support to all types of donors, helping people and organisations to invest in local communities where funding is most needed and where it will have the most impact.

Since 2012, CCF has raised over £16.5 million and awarded over £8 million in grants to strengthen our local communities, supporting more than 1,451 local, grass-root organisations.

£8 Million awarded in grants in 8 years
for charities in Cheshire and Warrington