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Fund it Forward 2024: continuation grants
Fund it Forward 2024: continuation grants
Closing date 28/04/2024
Theme Reducing the impact of disadvantage
Max Grant £15750
Grant Making Priorities and Principles

Our focus is on reducing the impact of disadvantage in Cheshire and Warrington – work which takes time and resource over many years.  

The Fund it Forward programme was launched in 2023 to fund work which could contribute to one of the following;

  • improving social mobility for children and young people and/or adults who are long-term unemployed.


  • reducing the long-term impacts of multiple inequalities for people who are disadvantaged on the basis of their age, their health, their ethnicity, their status as a carer, their life circumstances (eg asylum seekers, ex-offenders), or how they identify their gender or sexuality.

Projects needed to show a clear connection between the activities they would deliver and the short and long-term outcomes of those activities for social mobility or reducing the impact of multiple disadvantages.

2024 Continuation funding

For applicants who were awarded grants in July 2023 we are now offering the potential to apply for a further grant in 2024 for projects which are able to demonstrate

  • their success so far against their theory of change and the programme criteria
  • a clear plan for their project’s next steps and how this will deepen and embed impacts.

Maximum grant size:  The size of grant request should be based on your previous award with an inflationary increase of no more than 5%. The maximum grant request for a single applicant is therefore £15,750. For partnership applications – where one or more organisations are collaborating on activity – there is potential to apply for a further £26,250.

Project duration: Up to 12 months

Application process

If you received a grant in July 2023 and wish to be considered for continuation funding there will be a two stage process.

Stage 1 – Expression of interest –to be completed by 1st March

Stage 2 – For projects invited to submit a full application, the application window will open on 25th March and close on 28th April

Successful applicants will be informed in early July.