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The Lighthouse Centre Steve’s Story

The Lighthouse Centre in Crewe offers a host of services to the homeless and those suffering with addictions, mental health disorders and social isolation.

Practical support takes the form of hot cooked food and food parcels, clothes laundry and shower facilities, but equally importantly the Centre offers emotional support, sign-posting and counselling. These services, quite literally, save lives.

Steve had given up hope. He went to the Centre initially out of hunger. Homeless, he had been released from hospital two weeks previously following an unsuccessful suicide attempt, and by his own admission was thinking about how to learn from his mistakes and try once again to kill himself.

He was greeted warmly by the team at The Lighthouse Centre, given a good meal and invited by Pastor David to share some of his worries and concerns. After a long chat, Steve prayed with Pastor David and he says he left the Centre that day with renewed hope for the future, warmed by the knowledge that someone cared about him.

The team at the Centre sign-posted Steve to emergency accommodation initially, but within two weeks he was offered a permanent bedsit and a base from which he could start to rebuild his life.

Steve is 100% certain that without the care and support of Pastor David and the team at the Centre he would no longer be here, and he is not alone.

A joint grant from The Steve Morgan Foundation and CCF for service adaptations and PPE has enabled The Lighthouse Centre to continue to offer care and hope throughout the first lockdown and beyond, providing a service to over 35 people per week.