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The Warrington Fund
Donate to a fund for Warrington charities, alongside other local donors, pooling resources for a greater impact.

The Warrington Fund – Achieving More Together

Despite the visible signs of economic success, living in Warrington can be tough. Many members of our community, often unseen, suffer intense poverty, isolation and lack of opportunity. We believe that with your help we can change this. By working together and pooling resources, we can make our town stronger, fairer and happier, enabling local people to meet the challenges they face and achieve their full potential.

This new initiative was launched on 13th March 2024 (event photos), click here to view & apply for the Warrington grants programmes.

Warrington is one of the most economically successful towns in the UK, yet for many people living in the most deprived areas, daily life is challenging in almost every way.

Since 2020, CCF have invested over £1.1 million (187 grants) in Warrington communities but sadly there are still so many strong grant applications that we just don’t have the funds to support.

The deep deprivation across the central 6 wards and beyond clearly demonstrates there is significant demand for support and the skills, knowledge and expertise of the voluntary sector but we have seen an increasing number of charities dissolving due to lack of funding as well as an increasing number of applications to plug the gap that local government no longer covers.

We are seeking generous individuals, families and purpose driven businesses to support their local community; pooling resources into a Warrington Fund to achieve the greatest impact; achieving more with less and giving back to Warrington, strategically.

The Warrington Fund represents a collaborative effort, bringing together communities, charities, and public services across the borough to address pressing issues such as poverty, loneliness, mental health challenges, and hidden homelessness.

This short film demonstrates the strategic interventions only a Community Foundation can make, here in Warrington.

We need to help families in Warrington to break the cycle, give hope and aspiration.

Founding partners to the fund:

We are delighted to be a Founding Donor of the Warrington Fund, working with CCF to ensure our investment in the local community makes a long-term difference. We are keen to encourage like-minded businesses to contribute to the Fund and support CCF with this fantastic initiative, which has been so successful in other areas of Cheshire.

Chris Sheppard


C4 Projects are a proud to be a Founding Partner of the Warrington Fund. Our company was established in Warrington and many of our 50 strong team live in the town, so The Warrington Fund is very close to our hearts. We share the vision of the Fund and that is why we have decided to invest and pool resources with others. We aim to work with the Fund as a trusted partner to help distribute the fund and see how we can further encourage additional investment and collaboration which will give hope and real support to many people across the area.

Neil Elliott

We are delighted at Flex to be a Founding Partner of the Warrington Fund. We are passionate about making a difference to those most in need in our local community and working in collaboration with a trusted partner like CCF see this as a great way to make a long term, sustainable difference.

Mike Meades

We are delighted to work with CCF and are hugely excited at the potential the Warrington Fund has to make real differences for our communities through additional investment, and by bringing businesses together to contribute to the Fund to enhance our collaborative effort in Warrington.

Paula Worthington
Director of Education and Inclusion

We feel privileged to be a Founding Partner of the Warrington Fund and having the opportunity to support the development of sustainable, self-reliant communities within Warrington and the immediate surrounding area. Being part of the fund ensures that our contributions are directed to priority projects which improve mental health and wellbeing, tackle poverty and disadvantage, develop education, skills and employment and build sustainable communities. We look forward to leaving a lasting legacy within the Warrington area, that will positively impact future generations.

Amy Twist
Head of Sustainability

Sellafield Ltd is delighted to be a Founding Donor of the Warrington Fund and look forward to working with CCF to bring long term impact in our local community. Sellafield Ltd have been providing support in the community in Warrington for many years and hope this collaborative approach will help to make our community more resilient in the future.

Pauline Deans
Social Impact Team

To find out more about the Warrington Fund, contact Tracey Pearson: Mobile: 07798 810557