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Wilmslow Youth, Building Brighter Futures

Brighter futures on the horizon for young people across the UK as new Community Fund launches

Wilmslow Youth Charity secures vital support with a £6,070 donation
from the Building Brighter Futures Fund

The Building Brighter Futures Fund, which helps to give younger generations across the UK a better life, has awarded £6,070 to Wilmslow Youth Charity to ensure children in the local area have access to early help and support for emerging mental health issues.

Wilmslow Youth Charity’s mission is to build a vibrant community where every young person can effortlessly tap into timely and free support. They provide a safe space where young individuals, aged 11 to 18, can feel like they belong, build relationships, and access trusted adults for support.
Working in collaboration with Wilmslow High School and 10 feeder primary schools, the donation from the Building Brighter Futures Fund will fund a critical project designed to support Year 6 pupils facing the potentially destabilising transition, from primary to secondary school.
The initiative aims to improve Year 7 attendance and reduce anxiety by screening over 300 Year 6 student to identify any potential emerging mental health needs, offer additional support and provide one-to-one therapeutic support.

The Building Brighter Futures Fund was launched last month by Cheshire Community Foundation (CCF), in partnership with global leaders in sustainable materials, EMR. The Fund awards grants to UK charities offering employment and educational, or health and social care opportunities to young people in local communities.

Mel Sproston, CEO at Cheshire Community Foundation said: “We understand the challenges that our communities face and work tirelessly for better opportunities for all. Thanks to the Building Brighter Futures Fund, we are able to invest in Wilmslow Youth and its initiative to enhance the skills and career prospects of young people across Warrington.”

We are extremely grateful to the Building Brighter Futures Fund for the £6,070 donation, which will make a lasting difference to the lives of young people in the community. The grant aligns seamlessly with our mission to provide accessible mental health support and create a supportive environment for young individuals in Wilmslow.

Matt Williamson
CEO Wilmslow Youth

At EMR, we have a long-standing commitment to investing in the people and communities in which we operate. Delivering the Building Brighter Futures Fund, in partnership with CCF, allows us to support wonderful organisations like Wilmslow Youth as they support young people suffering from mental health difficulties, and make a significant difference to their lives and future prospects.

Lee Skarratt
North West Area Manager at EMR

EMR, a global leader in sustainable materials, is committed to effecting positive social change in the communities it serves, and has more than 60 sites across the UK alone. Space4Autism, is located in close proximity to a number of EMR’s North West metal recycling facilities. 

The Building Brighter Futures Fund is now accepting applications for funding.  

Building Brighter Futures Fund | Building Brighter Futures Fund

Building Brighter Futures by EMR 2024 Grants Programme – Cheshire Community Foundation